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Moana Jackson: Portrait of a Quiet Revolutionary - documentary feature
Tēnā koutou katoa e te iwi,
Click on the image below to link to Moana Maniapoto’s tribute to one of Māoridom's greatest thinkers, Moana Jackson.
Moana Jackson: Portrait of a Quiet Revolutionary - documentary feature
Called a disruptor, navigator, transformer and visionary, Moana Jackson was many things to many people. Towards the end of his battle with cancer he sat down to talk about his life and groundbreaking work in Māori criminal justice and constitutional reform with broadcaster and ‘niece’ Moana Maniapoto.
Video / Tawera & Black Pearl Productions Made with the support of NZ On Air.
“If we do nothing more this year for Matariki, make time to watch this clip and doco. Share it round! Weigh it up…Perhaps over and over…Unfurled and laid out - It’s at the core of the why, the what, and the whom questions on some of what we face. Questions of Mana Motuhake. NZ, Global Shifts! - Which must engage us all! As we press on. I’m humbled to be and to have been troubled, included, threatened, praised, ignored, queried, taught, co-worked, and run with leaders of his and this generation of ‘builders’ with and by many of the people in the clips of this doco. Humbled to know and run alongside many here, now gone, and those growing and yet to come. ‘Awesome work Moana and Moana’. Proud that Te Moana Nui a Kiwa Jackson is among the eastern cousins… people of the eastern seaboard - Aotearoa NZ. Moe Marie Mai ra brother. Nephew. Uncle. Son. Thinker. Perspicacious scholar. Servant, Leader. – Rangatira” - Na Trevor Moeke

Moana Jackson Portrait of a Quiet Revolutionary - documentary feature


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