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When Water was Bad for People.


Does everyone remember the contamination of the water supply in Havelock north not so long ago?  It made people sick and even led to death.  Debate about what or who was to blame abounded and was a hot topic as it should be.  Debates around safe drinking water being a right (as it should be) and whether to chlorinate the water or not were discussed while the key bore site and cause was investigated.  Other drinking bores were tested as well and the Council had to re-assess its plans and policies, having fallen behind in upgrading the whole system.

Two outcomes from the incident, the first of its kind in New Zealand, was a new free public drinking water supply in the centre of Hastings and Best Practice action taken by the Council. But more needs to be done.

Water quality advancement in streams and rivers is paramount, testing of industry discharge needs focussed attention, farming/ growers/ orchardists water consumption and allocation need review, and infrastructure upgrades critical to guaranteed drinking water supply needs to happen.   

When Water was Bad for People.


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